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We have openings in our Adult Bible Study classes on  Thursday @ 7:00 PM @ the Koehler’s. Please come next week and help us fill our seats as we fill our hearts with His Holy Word.These are a Bible Study and prayer time which includes discipleship training.


Servers are listed for each Sunday in the foyer.  If you are unable to serve on your assigned Sunday, please contact Judy or Wes @ 715-815-1028 or 218-343-2551  so that alternate arrangements can be made.


2nd    Sue & Fran

9th    Roger & Cindy

16th   Judy & Grace

23rd   Sue & Fran

30th   Annual Harvest Dinner   2-5 PM




7th    Roger & Cindy

14th   Judy & Grace

21st   Sue & Fran

28th   Pot Luck; Bring a Dish to Pass




4th    Roger & Cindy

11th   Judy & Grace

18th   Sue & Fran

25th   Pot Luck; Bring a Dish to Pass




2nd   Roger & Cindy

9th   Judy & Grace

16th  Sue & Fran

23rd  Roger & Cindy

30th  Pot Luck; Bring a Dish to Pass




CLEANERS:  Volunteers Needed! 
We need Cleaners!